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Small Business
Road Shows

Innovate Montana wants to connect entrepreneurs from all across the state. Rural and Urban. Large and Small. Tech and Manufacturing. Retail and Online.

So in 2015 we started the Innovate Montana: Small Business Road Shows. The Road Shows have been received enthusiastically by smaller communities to help them showcase their Main Streets, recharge community projects and introduce the community to new friends and business connections.

All of Montana's brilliant entrepreneurs are part of our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and are the reason that Montana is the best state for entrepreneurs for three years running.  


So what is a Road Show?

The Innovate Montana: Small Business Roadshow is a community event where business owners, startups and potential entrepreneurs are encouraged to network, share ideas and learn innovative ways to grow or start a small business. Innovate Montana works closely with local economic development staff, Chambers and community organizations to ensure that each Road Show is uniquely tailored to the community.

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Can i get one in my town?

Short Answer: YES!

Innovate Montana would love to be invited to your community.  Every Small Business Road Show is different and every community has a different approach but we can help.  Contact us to learn more about how to get started or check our our Community Road Show Tool Kit.

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