KEYNOTE: Fritz Lanman, CEO of ClassPass

Innovate Montana Symposium 2019

ClassPass is a subscription marketplace that allows its members to utilize fitness classes nationwide. Missoula, Montana is now home to one of the company's corporate offices, which just made an announcement, last month, of their plans to expand and hire up to 100 more people.

The company has been regarded as 'the Netflix of fitness' and it should come to no surprise that the rapid expansion of the startup has garnished worldwide attention.

I am elated to be welcoming Fritz Lanman, CEO of ClassPass to the INNOVATE Main Stage this Fall for what will surely be an inspirational talk to remember.

Fritz was previously the Executive Chairman at ClassPass. He has been involved with the company since 2013 when he led both the Seed and Series A financing. In Addition to his role at ClassPass, he is an active angel investor who backed Square, Pinterest, Wish, and several other companies. Before ClassPass, Fritz founded Livestar, Verst and Doppler Labs and worked in Product Management and Corporate Strategy at Microsoft.

Fritz will share his thoughts on "Eliminating Growth Barriers" within Montana's entrepreneurial ecosystem on October 15th, then sit down for a one-on-one with Governor Steve Bullock.

See, wasn't the excitement worth the wait.

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