Shawn Newton: Video Storytelling is the Future of Marketing

Innovate Montana Symposium 2019

Video is everywhere these days. It should come to no surprise that businesses are being affected by the burgeoning demands of consumers expecting video ads. As if there wasn't already enough to factor in on your digital marketing needs, you got another, pretty hefty task to take on. Naturally, since this is such a hot topic it will be making a big splash during a buzz session at the Innovate Montana Symposium.

"Video Storytelling is the Future of Marketing," will explore the growing realization that consumers are demanding -and expecting- video. How do you and your company prepare for the future of digital storytelling?

Shawn Newton, the Executive Producer of the Regional Emmy Award-winning series, Under the Big Sky, will be taking the stage with a guest to share his insight as a video storyteller. Shawn is an award-winning director, producer, writer, photographer, and editor whose work spans from television commercials and short films to television series. A Montana native, growing up on the Hi-Line in Glasgow and attending MSU-Bozeman's School of Film and Photography, his passion for his home state comes full circle in his work on "Under the Big Sky." Combining a love of cinematic visuals, first-person narrative, and empathy-driven communication, he was able to explore his "cinematic-verité" philosophy within the series.

If you haven't seen an episode of "Under the Big Sky," trust me, it is well worth your time and much better than that show you've been watching on Netflix. You will be blown away by his work and even more excited to see him share his thoughts at the Innovate Montana Symposium in Butte this Fall.

Be sure to follow Shawn on Instagram (@shwnnwtn), he takes the BEST pictures of his adventures -and the occasional horse- during his travels in Montana.

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