Tate Chamberlin: Leading Facilitated Human Connections

Innovate Montana Symposium 2019

We have some incredible facilitators joining us this year for the Innovate Montana Symposium.

As the founder of I Am Interchange, a HUMAN-based media company out of Bozeman, Tate Chamberlin focuses on sharing the whole story through varied and diverse perspectives. I Am Interchange utilizes a professional facilitated talk show as its central media piece, exploring the polarities around complex issues. Each event examines stories amplified through multiple mediums, including: podcasts, music, performance, art, and articles available worldwide.

Tate exemplifies the mission of Innovate Montana as a serial entrepreneur, creative, and community-driven connector. He can often be found with a book in his hand or engaged in deep conversation. Be sure to connect with him at Innovate or follow along on his excursions --he just returned from Africa-- on Twitter (@TateChamberlin) or Instagram (@Tate_Chamberlin).

Be on the lookout for an announcement coming soon on a partnership between Innovate Montana and Interchange... I like to keep you at the edge of your seat.

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