Innovate Montana Symposium 2019

KEYNOTE: WeWork on Marketing and Strategic Planning

Padden Murphy, VP of Global Marketing at WeWork, will be sharing his thoughts in a LIVE Podcast recording on "Marketing Machine: How Technology is Transforming Customer Engagement" on October 15th. He will also be taking the stage on the 16th with Deano Roberts, VP of Global Workplace at Slack in a fireside chat and for a panel on "Strategic Planning: Where Innovation Meets Scale." 

KEYNOTE: Slack At Innovate

Deano Roberts, VP of Global Workplace at Slack, will be making a big slash at the 2019 Innovate Montana Symposium this year, sharing his experience on the main stage for a Keynote speech, in a conversation on "Engineering a Team for High Growth," and in a fireside chat with Padden Murphy of WeWork.

Will Price & Justin Bigart FACE OFF at INNOVATE

The Innovate Montana Symposium will bring two funding experts to the stage for the ultimate Face Off, October 15th. The debate will explore "Venture Funding vs. Bootstrapping." This "panel" will be an experience to remember as you hear both sides of a pretty heated subject. Don't miss this moment! 

Shark PITch Competition

We are bringing our version of the popular TV show, Shark Tank, to the Mining City! This year, at INNOVATE, prepare for a day of professional development and a night of entertainment. Shark PITch will host 5 businesses who think they are ready to face our panel of sharks. After giving us their PITCH, the sharks will begin their grueling round of questions to determine if the business will sink or swim.

KEYNOTE: Fritz Lanman, CEO of ClassPass

Fritz Lanman, CEO of ClassPass will be taking the INNOVATE Main Stage this Fall for what will surely be an inspirational talk to remember. He has been involved with the company since 2013 when he led both the Seed and Series A financing.

Tate Chamberlin: Leading Facilitated Human Connections

We have some incredible facilitators joining us this year for the Innovate Montana Symposium. Tate Chamberlin exemplifies the mission of Innovate Montana as a serial entrepreneur, creative, and community-driven connector.

Shawn Newton: Video Storytelling is the Future of Marketing

Shawn Newton, the Executive Producer of the Regional Emmy Award-winning series, Under the Big Sky, will be taking the stage with a guest to share his insight as a video storyteller at the Innovate Montana Sympsoium in Butte this Fall.