Triple Tree Grows Nationally from Bozeman

Triple Tree Co-Founders Sam Lucas and Paul Burton started their integrated software development firm in August 2016. Since then, they’ve been named one of Montana’s tech startups to watch, helped launch multi-million dollar startups, and hired 4 full-time staff members.

Canty Boots Builds a Global Fashion Brand - From Harrison, Montana

Canty Boots has grown due to Nikki’s willingness to learn and persevere - including working tirelessly for three years to get into a high-end store called Kemo Sabe with locations in Aspen, Vail and Las Vegas. Once she got in to those locations everything blew up: “I respect their business so much and the store is so beautifully curated. I still pinch myself that my boots are in there.”

LumenAd Develops Digital Marketing Platform and Grows 2X Each Year from Montana

LumenAd currently employs 62 people, and continues to grow with offices in Missoula & Bozeman, Montana, and Austin, Texas. Between their Bozeman and Missoula offices they’ve received approximately $300k from the Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund. That funding has allowed LumenAd to invest in great employees - and the faster they can hire, the faster they can grow.

Former Amazon Executive Laura Orvidas Takes CEO Role at onX Maps

Laura Orvidas spent 19 years helping build Amazon— the company that has forever revolutionized online retail—into a global tech giant. In 2018 she seized an opportunity to direct onX’s meteoric growth from Bozeman, Montana. It didn’t take long to decide to take the top leadership role with a company fresh off a $20.3 million investment round led by Summit Partners.