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Innovate Montana Symposium Breakout Session

If I were to ask you what Montana’s largest and most successful industries were, what would you guess? Tourism? Agriculture? Would you guess biotechnology?

One of Montana’s greatest success stories is the development of its Bio-tech industry. Over 350 BIO companies are supported by leading medical institutions, private and university-based research, and a wave of entrepreneurs turning talent into treasure. This quiet revolution is quickly becoming a mainstay of Montana’s economy.  What exactly is biotechnology, you ask? It’s how you get cheese and bread and medicine and all sorts of good stuff! To be more clear, biotechnology is the harnessing of natural, biological processes to develop other technology and products for everyday use. Even more exciting, Montana is getting biotechnology down to a tee!

Our speakers from the biotechnology industry are Ron Zook from Swan Valley Medical, Rob Goodwin from Takeda, Sharon Brigner from PhRMA, John Delaney from Amgen and Sharon Peterson from the Montana BioScience Alliance will round out our group.  Don’t miss out on this exciting discussion from some of the lead innovators Montana and the world.

To participate in this discussion, be sure to registered for the Innovate Montana Symposium and we’ll see you on July 13 and 14 in Billings.


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