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Casey Kingsland

Mighty Mo Brewing Co.

“Having a craft brewery is all about connection with local people and local businesses. We feel our brewery strengthens our community by bringing people of all classes together to enjoy a locally made product.”

Seth Swingley and Casey Kingsland were inspired to open their brewery, Mighty Mo Brewing Co., due to the lack of an existing craft beer culture in Great Falls prior to 2010.  (That culture has shifted significantly, and Mighty Mo is now one of three breweries in the Electric City). 

The pair put over three years into researching the emerging craft brewery industry and, developing their business plan, and securing financing.  The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Great Falls Development Authority.  With that assistance, Seth and Casey opened the doors to Mighty Mo on December 6, 2013, and “were stoked to join Bowser Brewing Co and The Front Brewing Company to build the craft beer culture in Great Falls.”

Mighty Mo now offers six signature beers on tap, as well as seasonally rotated brews.  About 90% of the grain Mighty Mo uses to produce their beer is harvested and malted in North Central Montana.  Due to the climate in Montana, hops are currently sourced from the Pacific Northwest - but farmers in the Flathead Valley are currently experimenting with  varieties and growing techniques to determine if hops can be grown on a commercial scale in Northwest Montana. As Seth notes, “that would be a huge boost to the craft brewing industry in Montana, and would really add something unique to our brews.”

Seth and Casey were certainly correct when they gauged local interest in the craft beer culture and its tasty offerings:

“The community reception has been great!  …We have seen a ton of support from the community, especially from the success of our Raise A Pint events on Monday nights when we give $1 of every pint sold from 5-8pm to a local non-profit. It’s  been great giving back to the community and bringing in potential new customers who haven't stumbled across our establishment before.”

Seth and Casey’s passion for contributing to their community makes it clear the Mighty Mo is focused on more than just brewing great beer:

“Having a craft brewery is all about connection with local people and local businesses.  We feel our brewery strengthens our community by bringing people of all classes together to enjoy a locally made product.”

Having a great business model and a delicious product line have certainly paid off for the two entrepreneurs.  Mighty Mo currently employs ten people, and has plans to release two of their beers in 16oz aluminum cans before Christmas; taking advantage of a mobile canning company that will come to the brewery bout once a month and can enough beer to stock select local groceries stores.  Canning will give Mighty Mo more of a local presence and allow consumers to enjoy their craft brews at home or while enjoying Montana’s great outdoor recreation opportunities.

For both Seth and Casey, one of the greatest advantages to starting and growing a craft brewery in Great Falls is the proximity to some of their greatest supporters - their families. As Seth explains,

“Casey and I, along with our spouses, all grew up in Great Falls, which helps in more ways than one…We started with a solid base of supporters who were as excited as we were when we decided to open Mighty Mo, and they all love to spread the word.  Secondly, and most importantly, the support of our wives and our families while putting in long days trying to build this business has been incredible!”

Seth notes there are also professional relationships in place that have helped the business grow in their first years:

“I was in the food and beverage industry for almost 15 years before opening Mighty Mo.  A good portion of that time was spent building relationships with many restaurant and bar owners - and many of them are now serving our beer!"


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