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Dave Morin to Speak at Innovate Montana Symposium

One of our keynote speakers for Innovate Montana Symposium 2017 has a lot of titles: serial entrepreneur, angel investor, CEO, Founder, and former U.S. Junior Olympic ski racer.  Not to mention he’s known as an all-around great guy.  But, that all makes sense to us - because Dave grew up in one of Montana’s thriving Main Street communities.

On July 13th, we’re excited to hear Dave’s story of growing up in Helena, when he was ski racing for the northern division of the U.S. Junior Olympic team and generally slaying academically.  After graduating high school he went on to receive a B.A. in Economics from University of Colorado Boulder.  Then he began his career in marketing at Apple in 2003, before joining another *wee startup* you may have heard of called Facebook in 2006. 

IMS participants will have the opportunity to ask Dave about his days co-creating Facebook Platform, the software environment that allows developers to create apps within the social media platform.  Or to ask him what inspired the creation of Facebook Connect, the technology that allows Facebook members to connect their profile data and authentication credentials to external websites.  (Otherwise known as the reason you can basically use your Facebook account info to instantly login to thousands of other platforms like Airbnb and Uber).

With extensive experience and an entrepreneur’s appetitive for adventure, Dave went from a leadership role at Facebook to co-creating and serving as the CEO for the social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging platform Path.  Dave is also one of the founders of an incredibly successful venture capital firm Slow Ventures ( ), with companies like Dropbox and Nest in its portfolio. 

And somehow, Dave still finds time to invest in other entrepreneurs, serve on the Board of Directors for the United States Ski and Snowboard Association, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and ExplorationWorks right here in Helena.  All while he’s donating to Charity: Water and chairing multiple charitable fundraising events in Silicon Valley.

Ok, obviously we’re actually kinda giddy over here about the fact that Dave will be one of our keynote speakers for IMS 2017.  Because you don’t get to interact with a global entrepreneurial powerhouse with a heart of gold every day. 

We look forward to seeing you - and Dave - in Billings July 12 & 13. Register Today!