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Ed DesRoser

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Ed DesRoser, the owner of Sun Tours, now in its 23 year, has lived his life on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.  If you know Montana, you know the Blackfeet Nation sits astride the Rocky Mountain Front directly east of Glacier Park.  It is beautiful country—part of the National Geographic’s Crown of the Continent.

“ Like Ed, his Guides are members of the Blackfeet Nation and know the country like the back of their hand—it’s their home”

Ed grew up in the mountains and valleys of Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Nation.  With his family--sisters and brothers, parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles—he spent his days hiking the trails in summer and skiing in winter—and at night circled around the camp fires  listening to Blackfeet stories.  Ed loves this country; he has climbed many of its highest peaks.  A professional photographer  the pictures shown here are the country seen through Ed’s eye.

Ed also knows the roads—all of the roads both summer, and winter.  Before he founded  Sun Tours, he was an employee of the Montana Department of Transportation working out of the East Glacier Maintenance Section keeping Highway 2 open in even the heaviest of winds and snow storms.

 Like Ed, his Driver/Guides are members of the Blackfeet Nation and know the country like the back of their hand—it’s their home.

Traveling with Sun Tours is a journey into another land and time.  Sun Tours offer daily interpretive tours from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, through Glacier National Park over Going-to-the-Sun Road.  The Tour narrative concentrates on Glaciers’ natural features and the relevance to the Blackfeet Indian Nation, past and present.  The Tour focus includes history and culture of this fascinating landscape the Natives call the “Backbone of the World,” the Sun Tours staff shares a view into another world describing the traditions, the stories and their knowledge of the first Americans into this region.  As a guest, you will see wildlife and hear stories about how the wildlife were part of Blackfeet culture and also learn appropriate etiquette in  grizzly country and how to interact with wild life from a safe and non-disturbing manner.

Each Driver/Guide is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and knows the stories, the world created by “Napi” (“Old Man), and the alpine forests with ice fields that dating back to the last Ice Age dating back 12,000 years.  They describe for you, in a culturally appropriate way,  how the Blackfeet viewed the land of Glacier Park as a “Sacred Site,” and how the animals,  including the grizzly bear, the mountain sheep and goats, the elk and moose and the over 1400 species of plants were all a part of, and still are the Blackfeet way of life.  Guides are knowledgeable in many facets of Tribal history, culture, and lifestyle and possess extensive knowledge and experience in Glacier National Park.  Spiritual and philosophical perspectives are covered as well as commonly used plants and roots for nutrition and medicine.

The Sun Tours fleet encompasses 25 passenger coaches, comfortable, large window, air-conditioned, coaches, as well as mini coaches for smaller or private tours. Tours can be reserved by phone from May 15 to Oct 15.  Tours depart all entrance area motels and campgrounds east and west side of the park.  Groups can arrange to be picked up at the nearby cities as well.  The early and late season is a premium for wildlife viewing, lower crowds, and snow covered peaks and fall foliage.  Private tours can be arranged throughout the entire season. As an authorized National Park Service Concession we have exclusive access to parking in congested area and guaranteed Visitor Center departures.  


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