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Faculty and Students are creating their dream classrooms to solve real problems

Innovate Montana Breakout Session

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is this still a problem? Why hasn't anyone fixed this yet? There's got to be a solution, right?” Faculty and students at Montana State University asked themselves these same questions and came up with an answer: Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning (DSEL). 

Students and faculty from multiple disciplines come together to talk about real problems and come up with real solutions in an interactive environment. MSU students are getting their hands dirty and getting some real experience with collaboration and problem-solving. Sounds like a day in the life of an entrepreneur, right?

Our panelists are from Montana State University, and they will be sharing their experiences with DSEL. Come hear from students themselves to see how MSU is breeding entrepreneurs in their interactive learning environments. Our speakers are Matt Griffin, from the College of Engineering; Meta Newhouse, the College of Arts and Architecture; and Seth Carlstrom, an engineering student who helped developed a chair concept for dementia patientsshower chair concept for dementia patients in a DSEL classroom. These DSEL folks will tell you about the projects they worked on, the solutions they developed, and the overall skills they developed through DSEL classes.

If you want to hear more about Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning, plan to attend the Innovate Montana Symposium on July 13-14. Particpants from DSEL will be giving a presentation at Growing Montana Makers at the Northern Hotel on July 13 and also talking in a breakout session, Playing in the Sandbox: Collaborative Entrepreneurship, on July 14th at 10:00 am at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. 


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