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James Davies


As any outdoor enthusiast can tell you, it only takes one time getting lost or injured in the wilderness to remind you how important it is to be prepared with a first aid kid and basic survival equipment. Unfortunately, they could also tell you how bulky all those essentials can be. Hence James Davies’ idea for GearPods, innovative pre-packaged survival kits in waterproof modular containers. These kits eliminate any excuse not to be prepared: they fit easily into the water bottle cage on bicycles, the smallest of day packs, and the dry bag on any boat.

“I love exploring the Mission Mountains that we can see and almost touch from our offices.”

James decided to follow his dream and founded GearPods in Polson in September 2008.

“I started GearPods to reinvent survival kits that had not in my opinion showed any signs of innovation in the least since I was a kid…There’s something very satisfying with the fact that some of the world’s best survival equipment comes from a small company in the middle of nowhere”.

“Nowhere” is actually in the middle of some of the country’s most breathtaking mountains, pristine lakes, and within a day’s drive to Glacier National Park. An avid outdoorsman, James takes advantage of the incredible recreational opportunities right outside his back door every opportunity he gets.

“I love exploring the Mission Mountains that we can see and almost touch from our offices”.

James’ passion for outdoor recreation and his innovative product idea have paid off. Today the company ships the kits to over 80 countries, not to mention strong internet sales in the United States and consistently high reviews from well-known outdoor gear publications.

From a small office with a great view, James Davies is another Montana entrepreneur living his dream and building an internationally successful business.


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