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Lattice Materials

An Optics Company


Lattice Materials was started in 1989 when two enterprising engineers moved to Bozeman, Montana, to start a business machining high purity silicon.  The first machined parts were hand delivered to customers for inspection and acceptance. Twenty-three years later, Lattice is still producing the highest quality silicon and germanium components for advanced technology - and shipping them to leading-edge manufacturers around the world. 

In the early 1990s Lattice expanded rapidly, adding flat polishing capability, curve generation, and expanding production capacity to keep pace with the growing infrared optics industry. The company also added the ability to grow silicon and germanium in-house using the Czochralski crystal growing method. Advanced technology allowed Lattice to begin making thin film coating sources for semiconductor applications, data storage media, and optical coatings which has since proven to be one of their most valuable capabilities, and has defined their market niche. Some of Lattice's target markets are less intuitive: for example, in the 90s the majority of date codes on the bottom of every box of cereal were printed using a silicon laser mirror from Lattice Materials.  Over the last decade Lattice has kept pace with the growing infrared optics industry, with their components utilized in every conceivable infrared optical application, including military weapons systems, security and safety cameras used by police and fire departments, safety equipment for underground mining operations, and satellite infrared systems. 

Today Lattice employs over 40 people at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Bozeman, and continues to expand both in terms of providing amazing job opportunities and shipping their products worldwide.

As Lattice continues to expand and diversity, Montana Manufacturing Extension Center has been an invaluable asset to the company in a wide variety of capacities, from manufacturing process to sales.  Over the past couple decades, MMEC has helped Lattice systematically eliminate any inefficiencies in their manufacturing and sales processes every step of the way.

Given current growth trends in the optics industry, it's likely Lattice Materials will continue to be a strong presence in the global market - and an amazing resource for skilled workers who want to work in a community they're proud to call home.


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