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Myrna Quale

Enchanted Living

Laura Glueckert and her business partner, Myrna Quale, co-founded The Enchanted Room in Glendive, Montana with a simple vision: to provide their community and visitors alike with a place that would always be welcoming and cheerful, and offer a carefully curated collection of fabrics and other home goods that couldn’t easily be found elsewhere in eastern Montana.  By all accounts, they’ve accomplished that goal - while expanding their business into new integrated service lines, completely refurbishing part of downtown Glendive, and earning national praise. As Laura notes:

“We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been named one of the top ten quilting shops by ‘American Patchwork and Quilting’…but we’re really happy that we’ve created an atmosphere where people just relax once they come in the door. “

“…We love this community, and can’t imagine any other place we’d like to be.”

Myrna was born and raised in eastern Montana, and spent her early days working in the fabric section of a local department store.  That job helped foster her love of quilting, and taught her about the quality and designs other quilters and crafters look for when shopping for specialty fabrics.  Laura grew up in the family floral business - first in California, and later in Livingston, Montana.  Growing up with entrepreneurs taught her the nuts and bolts of running a business, including the importance of providing excellent customer service.  The two eventually crossed paths in Glendive, and Myrna saw a great opportunity for their entrepreneurial strengths to converge:

“There was a house downtown that had always intrigued me…it seemed like an ideal spot to make a nice shop.  When it went up for sale, Laura, me, and a third partner bought it and started The Enchanted Room.”

Any money they made in the early years was reinvested in high quality fabrics and craft supplies, and allowed them to expand into interior design and floral arrangements.  Their selection and focus on providing a great customer experience was incredibly successful - attracting community members and visitors from all over the country.  

As the business grew, so did their need for retail space.  When a beautiful old church across the street from their original location went up for sale, they signed a buy/sell agreement within 24 hours, and went to work completely refurbishing the interior and exterior of the building. That new space allowed them to diversify their offerings, and today their new business “Enchanted Living” offers a complete culinary store on the first floor, and home furnishings and decor of all kinds on the second floor.  The formerly weed-choked grounds surrounding the refurbished church offered the opportunity for what Myrna and Laura describe as a “wonderful partnership” with a local landscape architect, so they expanded into the nursery and outdoor decor business.  Today, The Enchanted Room serves as a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to make their home a little more comfortable or inviting. Amidst all the growth, Myrna and Laura have remained focused on providing an excellent customer experience for every single person that walks through their doors.  For them, the interactions with their customers and community are the most fulfilling aspect of their work: 

“We really enjoy the people we work with.  The people that come in here really appreciate the quality of the fabrics and other products we offer, and that makes coming to work a pleasure…We love this community, and can’t imagine any other place we’d like to be.” 

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