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Rose Quinn

Ridgeline Tech Design, Inc

Rose Quinn has the breadth of experience and the unique skill set that almost make following the path of entrepreneurship a “must” at a certain point in a career.  Over the course of a decade, she has been employed at nearly every step in taking clothing from design concept to commercialization. Rose got her start in the Outdoor Industry at Bailey Works in Portsmouth, N.H., where she put together durable messenger bags that were sold on location in a unique manufacturing/retail combination.  From there she moved on to making apparel patterns for a small handcrafted clothing designer.  Next, an exciting opportunity at eco-conscious clothing line Stewart+Brown brought Rose and her husband to Ventura, CA where she was in charge of product development and was able to get behind the sewing machine again using her knowledge of patterns and construction as a distinct advantage.  By bringing prototype making in-house right alongside design, she was able to meet tight timelines and bring a better product to market.  Rose enjoyed her work with each of her employers, but her passion was really for the technical design aspect of producing a quality garment.

“I always enjoyed drafting the technical illustrations that would bring dimension to a design concept.  For me, watching a product come together and knowing it will last because of good design and construction is really fulfilling.”

In 2009, Rose moved to Bozeman to take a job with a renowned local fishing gear manufacturer.  While pregnant with her second child, she realized she wanted to “focus on the aspects of my job I was really good at” and have more time to spend with her family.  So she created her dream job.

In June 2012, Rose founded Ridgeline Tech Design to focus all of her creative energy as a technical designer and graphic illustrator for high quality outdoor apparel.  The skill sets she has picked up from the different roles she has held in the apparel and outdoor industries allow her to fill a unique niche: the knowledge and experience in the entire process of commercializing technical apparel and gear. While many product developers may understand garment construction, they may not be proficient at illustrating and specifying it for communication to the factory. While many designers may have good concepts, they may not be adept with technical construction.  Rose links these facets together with a comprehensive expertise.  Additionally, from her experience with patterns and sewing, she can expedite the design process by putting together prototypes while simultaneously working through construction revisions.  Her product development specialty is creating very specific technical illustrations that show precisely how a garment will be constructed to ensure durability and proper function.

"I really feel like I’m living the dream. I have a family, my own business, and I live in a physical setting where I couldn’t be happier."

With an educational background in Fine Arts, Rose also uses graphic design to illustrate product for outdoor companies and layout product workbooks as a tool for the sales force.  Her illustration skills also provide service to clients wanting to develop plaid or printed textile designs or mock-up color and design concepts.  Basically, her inclusive knowledge and skill set supplies the link that brings the concept to completion.

In December 2012, Rose gave birth to her second son.  She’s grateful for the opportunity she has running her own business to divide her time as she sees fit between her work and her family.  She’s also grateful for the opportunity to take it all on in Bozeman.

“I really feel like I’m living the dream.  I have a family, my own business, and I live in a physical setting where I couldn’t be happier.  In other places I’ve lived, it sometimes took hours to get to the trails for a run or hike - here it’s just minutes.  Working for myself, I can budget my time to get outside and do the things that matter to me.”

Ridgeline Tech Design, Inc was a recipient of the 2014 Montana Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Shooting Star Grant which added a welcome addition to Rose’s workshop; a new industrial sewing machine. 

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