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Monday, January 5, 2015

Rip curl river! Surfer swaps ocean swells for Big Sky Country to ride waves on landlocked Montana's waterways

Daily Mail UK

Author: Madison, Davey

Montana conjures up enormous mountains, sweeping skylines and the wild west. But surfing? 


A thrill-seeking surfer has ditched the conventional rip curls of the ocean to catch waves in secret river hot spots in America's 'Big Sky Country'. 

Paolo Marchesi, 45, discovered the unlikely locations while on a photo shoot in Missoula, Montana, USA.

Having been told about the locations by a local surf shop owner, Paolo, from Turin, Italy, went searching for them in nearby rivers.

River surfing requires a special kind of board, which is wider, shorter and fatter than those used in the ocean.

Due to the high frequency of waves and shorter distances surfers have to travel to get to such rivers, Paolo said he was impressed with how river surfers get far more surf time during while on location.

He said: 'River surfing is different, friendly people, full of camaraderie, encouragement - a refreshing change.

'On top of that they are shaping their own boards specific to river surfing and they are ripping on them.

'These guys are taking river surfing to a new level, they are revolutionising the sport.'


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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Simms hooks anglers on Montana-made waders

Billings Gazette

Author: Madison, Davey

The two-story photo of Wil Flack intently stripping a fly line in some Caribbean locale leaves no doubt among visitors to Simms’ headquarters what the Montana-based business is all about.


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