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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Montana's distilled spirit industry continues to grow


Author: Madison, Davey

From Triple Divide Vodka and Gin, to Montana Mountain Moonshine, to Orphan Girl, liquor is flowing in Big Sky Country.

Montana's latest micro-distillery industry resulted from state legislation in 2005; tasting rooms came about two years later.

Now Montana has 16 distilleries, including Triple Divide Spirits in Helena.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

John & Snezhi Grahlert

Stonehouse Distillery

Author: Madison, Davey

John and Snezhi Grahlert likely never envisioned themselves as pioneers in the artisan distillery world. As John notes “we’re not even really drinkers” - but they certainly are savvy business people.  As the owners of Montana’s newest craft distillery they’re joining an emerging industry that’s grown by 700% over five years. Like many entrepreneurs, their path to starting the Stonehouse Distillery in the small, rural town of Winston, Montana started with a recognition that they could make an existing product better.  John recalls the moment during the vacation he and Snezhi took in 2010 when it became clear the market needed higher quality, tastier spirits:

“We ordered a couple of supposedly high-end tropical drinks to celebrate our vacation, and were disappointed by the lack of a distinct flavor profile in the liquor - it was all lost to the fruit juices and other mixers.  We knew we could do better.” 

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