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Zack Boughton

Montana Wild

Zack Boughton’s decision to create Montana-specific outdoor recreation programming came from a fairly common premise: he and his brother Travis spent a lot of time doing what they love in Montana’s amazing wilderness areas and pristine rivers, and wanted to share what they were seeing with friends, family, and anyone excited about the outdoors.

“We want to show people that you can have an adventure in your backyard here in Montana.”

Watching similar nationally syndicated programming made it clear to the University of Montana student that there was a market for outdoor recreation films with a higher level of cinematography, so the young entrepreneur learned as much as he could about various filming and photography techniques and editing, and started creating compelling visual content with solid storylines.  Today, Zack’s film company Montana Wild is generating a wide variety of outdoor recreation content consisting mainly of hunting and fishing, with a distinctive filming style that goes beyond the traditional real-time footage of outdoor adventures.

One of Zack’s motivations for creating such quality footage is his love of his home state, and his desire to motivate others to get out and enjoy what Montana has to offer.

“We want to show people that you can have an adventure in your backyard here in Montana.  We would be doing this even if we hadn’t had success in finding sponsors and an audience; this is what we love.”


Montana Wild currently creates a variety of outdoor content and continues to work with industry leading names such as Bear Archery, Vortex Optics, Mystery Ranch, and others.

Currently in the works are a variety of hunting short films from spring bear hunts, to spot and stalk antelope, to late season mule deer in the front country.  Various photography is also showcased on both their Facebook and Instagram pages and can be seen in product catalogs, magazines, and across various social networks.

As the brand grows the business model will be continually tweaked to allow for a broader reach and a more diverse array of services and products to be provided.  In the meantime Zack and Travis plan to continue to learn the ins and outs of the industry and hope to keep pushing the cutting edge of outdoor content.

Full hunting and fly fishing films are currently available online at Montana Wild's website (  To stay up to date with all the latest from them be sure to follow along on Facebook ( and Instagram (@montanawild).]


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