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Are you chained to the office to cover high costs of living and commercial space - while missing out on the life experiences and adventures you really want?

Do you wish you could replace hours of mind-numbing traffic with a short bike ride?

Do you want your kids to attend highly ranked schools and live in one of our nation’s safest cities?

How would you like to have access to some of the world’s most amazing outdoor recreation playgrounds, literally minutes from your door?

Business owners are choosing to build their companies in Montana more than ever before. They’re finding ready access to extraordinary talent, an affordable cost of living, and one of the top ranked business climates in the nation. More importantly, Montana’s business owners aren’t sacrificing on access to capital, travel, or talent.

Just ask these local business leaders and Montana residents:

“In Missoula we have low overhead costs allowing for higher profits; what got us through six months of lean times in the beginning would have gotten us through one month in New York.”

Michael fitzgerald
founder, Submittable

“I work with an awesome group from all different backgrounds,” he says. “They’re the most committed, hard working team of people, and I think that reflects on where we are. Montanans have a strong work ethic — we love contributing to a team.”


“I always knew I wanted to get back to the mountains with my family, so we checked out a lot of mountain towns over the years. My wife and I loved skiing in Jackson and Sun Valley, but we were looking for a really livable community where we could raise our kids - that was definitely Bozeman. We knew as soon as we got here.”

Lance Trebesch

“We love Butte. This is a phenomenal place to be raising our children, and we can be fishing, skiing - whatever we want - within an hour of our front door. And, the cost of living here is affordable. We were able to bootstrap our business while still paying our mortgage here, and had the full support of our community. We’re here to stay.”

Courtney Mckee
ceo, headframe spirits

“There’s an incredible level of access and a lack of stress here that frees up mind space and time to do great work…we made the right choice when we chose Montana.”

crisMarie campbell
ceo, thrive! inc

Don't only take his word for it though—Montana is winning awards left and right. Here's a small sample:

If you’d like to learn more about building a better business in Montana, contact the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. They’ll chat through what resources are available to you, and help you identify locations in the state that meet your needs.

Ready to go shopping? Visit the Montana Site Selector to see some of the state’s affordable commercial properties.