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Launching a new venture, or inventing a first-of-its-kind product is no small feat that requires significant energy and financial capital. Fortunately for early stage ventures in Montana, we have a strong network of angel investors, venture capital firms, and amazing mentors to help guide the way.

This Inc. article makes it clear why Montana has been ranked as the most entrepreneurial state for four years running, and is quickly emerging as a leader in the national startup scene.

innovate montana symposium

The Innovate Montana Symposium is the first statewide event entirely focused on giving early stage ventures actionable insights to get to market and grow their companies.

blackstone launchpad

The Blackstone LaunchPad is a non-profit campus resource for students, alumni, and faculty interested in business and entrepreneurship.

early stage montana

A non-profit organization with a simple mission: To accelerate the growth of emerging technology businesses in Montana.

high tech business alliance

A business-led nonpartisan initiative helping high-tech companies create high-paying jobs in Montana.

montana manufacturing
extension center

MMEC is a statewide manufacturing outreach and assistance center that helps manufacturers succeed by assessing their operations and providing insight and solutions to help them grow, innovate and enhance their businesses.

food and ag development centers

These centers support economic development in Montana by ensuring that more of the state's food, agricultural and energy dollars circulate within the state. The network provides training, coaching and technical assistance.

small business
development centers

The SBDC network supports ten centers around the state, focusing on counseling in areas such as financial analysis, business planning, training and workshops and loan packaging assistance to help small businesses achieve their goals of growth, expansion, innovation and success.


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Capital for startup businesses is complex and often frustrating for first time entrepreneurs. Learn about capitalizing your startup and in-state resources that can help.